Heartbreak, they say is the best teacher and I couldn’t agree more. You won’t know what you have until you’ve lost it and the pain caused by losing the affection of a past love can sometimes be unbearable. Here are life lessons you can only learn by experiencing heartbreak.


man and woman in bed heartbreak

When you are in love, everything is dreamy, rosy and romantic. There’s a reason why it’s called the honeymoon stage. Everything is sweet as honey at the early stages of your relationship. Sooner or later, reality sets in. Your feelings for each other will peak and plateau, but the decision to stay in love should always remain a constant and conscious choice.


woman crying heartbreak

We’ve all experienced the agonizing pain of a heartbreak. The endless nights without sleep, crying your heart out until you pass out. You feel worthless. Just think that all these shall pass, not today, maybe not tomorrow, but no matter how sour or bitter that breakup was, woman, you will make it through and survive!

Here are some lessons from past relationships as told by our dear readers:

woman holding heart heartbreak

“You gotta learn to love yourself first before you learn to love someone else” – Amy, Malabon
love me heartbreak

“Heartbreak hurts, but with self-love, you will heal” – Abi, Ortigas
woman leaning heartbreak

“Never compromise if it would cause you to lose YOURSELF” – April, Caloocan
stone heartbreak

“When it comes to love, never lower your standards” -Alyanna, Hong Kong
woman thinking heartbreak

“Unmanaged expectations can lead to heartbreak” Lala, Singapore
man and woman in bed heartbreak

“Loving is not the same as owning” – Maggie, Batangas
woman sad

“Even if you have given your entire life and dedicated every waking moment to a relationship you so badly wanted to keep, if your partner is not committed, it does not give us the chance to hold on and fight for it. “ -Sam, Alabang

woman closed eyes
“Go with what makes you happy. If the relationship is not making you happy anymore, there is no reason to hold on to it anymore.” – Ria, Hawaii
“A broken trust will make you doubt every single thing your partner says and does.” – Lorai , Quezon City

A relationship gone sour will leave you with valuable lessons that one day will make you stronger, and wiser.