What is a guilty pleasure? It is when you enjoy a certain type of music, program, activity, food, etc but you are too ashamed to admit it to your friends and family.

handsign-guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure would be listening to radio dramas. A former colleague would turn on the radio at the office and listen to radio dramas the whole day. He successfully got the whole team and myself hooked.

In this article, some of our readers took the courage to share their guilty pleasures. What are yours?

massage-guilty pleaseure
“I like having my back scratched by my husband until I fall asleep” – Barbs

“I don’t drink coffee, but I eat the coffee creamer!” – Claire
butt-guilty pleasure

“I ask my partner to pat my butt like a baby when going to sleep” – Erin
gwen stefani-uilty pleasure
“I ask my niece to pull my armpit hair”
gloc9-guilty pleasure
“I memorize the songs of Gloc9 and rap along when his songs play. I feel so bad ass! “ – Che
reading-guilty pleasure
“Reading those Tagalog romance novels” – Lanie
action move-guilty pleasure

“Watching mindless and senseless action films “ – Gracie
troll-guilty pleasure
“Trolling celebrities and other social media personalities “
toilet-guilty pleasure
“Reading shampoo bottle labels or anything i can ready while doing number 2”
singing_shower-guilty pleasure
“I sing aloud in the shower. For 2 -3 hours.” – Vicky
“I fart and ask my hubby to smell it”

“Mine is a bit weird, one of it is I enjoy strolling around the cemetery (in broad daylight, of course) reading epitaphs, looking at pictures of the deceased and computing their age.. IDK but i find it therapeutic…” -Tin

“I enjoy reading fan fiction about celebrities like skating figures Scott and Theresa. I’m so addicted to them!” – Vanessa

“I (love browsing through) Lazada and Shopee, add items to my cart but never check out the (baby) items.” – Astrid

Whatever your guilty pleasure is, if you ain’t hurting anyone, don’t feel bad about it! Live and let live!